The first international volleyball tournament will take place from the 27th to the 30th of September in the main pabilion of Santa Lucía. It will be the first intercontinental volleyball tournament in the history of the Canary Islands. Santa Lucía has been named the European City of Sport, and the tournament is a great opportunity to celebrate such event.

The tournament will count with the following teams: the Czarni Radom, 9th place of the Polish Plus League; the Volleyball Bisons Bühl, 8th place of the German League; the Lentopalloseura Etta Oulu, 6th place of the Finnish Mestaruusleague; and our local team, the Club Voleibol 7 Islas.



The tournament will have a regular phase, semi-finals, a consolation final and the grand final to dispute the title.

In the regular phase the four teams will play once against each other which will provide the teams the chance to play 3 matches. These matches will be played following the FIVB International Game Rules meaning that matches will employ a best of three set format.

The teams will be classified depending on the number of victories and losses. This then will help to compose the semi-final draw, where the 1st will play against the 4th and the 2nd versus the 3rd. However, the semi-final matches will employ a best of five set format.

The two winning semi-final teams will play the final for the title, and the two other teams will play for the 3rd and 4th place. The final will employ a best of five set format. On the other hand, the consolation final match will employ a best of three set format.

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The Club Voleibol 7 Islas is the only Male Super-league of Volleyball representative in the Canary Islands. The club has been the engine for the planning, development and presentation of a new and unique project. The club is very thankful to the City Council of Santa Lucía de Tirajana for its constant and continual support. The council has strongly opted for volleyball during the framework of its desgnation as the European City of Sport. The club is also grateful for the support received by the Cabildo of Gran Canaria which focus its effort to transform Gran Canaria into the European Island of Sport.

The Gran Canaria Volleyball Cup is a project designed with a lot of effort and passion for our sport. The club has worked very hard to bring three outstanding international teams from their respective and different countries (Poland, Germany and Finland). The threes teams represent the values and the characteristics of the incredible sport of volleyball, and they are true ambassadors of their nation and volleyball.

The island is known for having a lot of people, specially from Germany and Finland who live in the south of the island. The club wants all these international residents to enjoy their own teams in a competition that has the aim to celebrate not only volleyball, but diversity, culture and gastronomy. The club invites all of them to come to a fantastic and beautiful place, Santa Lucía de Tirajana, to vibrate with the tournament and their teams, and with the limitless range of activitis that the city has to offer.


The intention is to provide an unforgettable spectacle to bring volleyball closer to the people of Santa Lucía de Tirajana. The club aims to get people to support the team not only during the tournament but the rest of the season. It wants to create a communion between the supporters and the club. Its objective is to create and develop a volleyball community where people will feel identified with the team, the players and everyone involved in the club. It wants to install an "us" culture, not just with the local people, but with everyone in the island.

The first edition of the Gran Canaria Volleyball Cup wants to become the first step to create a tradition. A tradition that will bring different teams from the continent each year, not only to compete but to share and enjoy the marvellous Gran Canaria island. Nevertheless, this can only be real with the support of fans who are always committed to this type of sporting events.


Gran Canaria is an island located in the Atlantic Ocean. It is part of the Autonomous Community of the Canary Islands, in Spain. The Canary Islands are a conjuction of seven islands and several islets of volcanic origin formed 20 million years ago.

Gran Canaria has been baptised as the "continent in miniature" because of its climate's diversity, geography, flora and fauna. Gran Canaria and the rest of the Canary Islands are known for their great climate, which lasts all year around and attracts a lot of tourism nationally and internationally.

However Gran Canaria is not only good weather and beautiful landscapes, sports lovers must know that Gran Canaria received last year more than 20.000 athletes coming from all over the world to dispute some of the highest international level sport events that the island has. Definetly Gran Canaria is and breathe sport.


The Gran Canaria Volleyball Cup is a growing tournament that is increasing its importance and presence in the island and the rest of Europe. It is a unique tournament which helps the promotion and development of volleyball and fan engagement among local people.

The Club Voleibol 7 Islas is responsible for selecting the participating teams, however if you are interested in participating in the next edition, please fill in the form, and we will consider your candidature. Go Ahead!


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